About iBrolly Canada

iBrolly® is your factory direct source for high quality rain umbrellas, suited for retail sales and promotions. We are a Canadian company located in Vancouver, BC – the rain capital of North America. All of our umbrellas are custom built from the frame up. We don't carry pre-manufactured stock, which means we can help you to create a truly unique umbrella. We've been building beautiful custom umbrellas as well as providing wholesale umbrellas for over five years, for clients such as Bombardier, CBC, Starbucks, ICBC, and many other organizations across Canada, from Vancouver to Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Seriously Customized Umbrellas

We don’t think printing a logo on an umbrella is really “customizing” it. With today’s umbrella manufacturing technology you can do so much more! Choose any colour canopy you’d like on an order of just 100 umbrellas, or let us Pantone match the canopy and frame to your exact corporate colours. At iBrolly you can mix and match umbrella handles and frames, and add detailing such as embroidered labels, perimeter piping, handle engravings and so much more.  

Want to design your own promotional umbrella? We can have the capacity to print in full colour, all over the canopy – on both the exterior and interior of the umbrella. Read more about our umbrella customization options.

Premium Quality Umbrellas

iBrolly only manufactures durable, high quality umbrellas. In fact we’re so proud of them, we guarantee them. Please don’t put your logo on a cheap umbrella that's going to break the second time it’s been used. It won’t be good for your brand image, or the environment.

Umbrella Manufacturer

During the past few decades the umbrella manufacturing industry migrated to Asia, and umbrellas are no longer manufactured on a large scale in Canada. Most of iBrolly’s production is done in our umbrella factory located in China; although we do assemble many of our umbrellas right here in Vancouver BC. Our overseas factory is ISO9001 certified and has been audited and approved for social compliance by major corporations such as Disney, MaxMara and Elle. More importantly, we’re often on the ground in the factory, working hand-in-hand exploring new products, printing technology and materials.

An iBrolly custom designed umbrella is not a run-of-the-mill promotional product: it has an amazing lifespan; it's practical and useful; its custom design will fully embody your brand; and it'll give you a return on your investment while making millions of impactful brand impressions out on the street, year after year.

iBrolly is a registered trademark, owned and operated by Canada Brand Promotion Inc. The company is part of a family business with headquarters rooted in the United Kingdom.

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