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Creatively designed iBrolly umbrellas are affordable outdoor advertising

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VANCOUVER, February 27, 2009 - Slapping a logo on a flimsy black umbrella is not going to say much about your brand. Introducing iBrolly, a promotional umbrella company that's capitalizing on all those waterproof canopies roaming around our streets. An umbrella is media space - free, untapped, outdoor media - that iBrolly is leveraging by designing and manufacturing innovative corporate umbrellas that covey messages and increase brand awareness.

Why can't any umbrella company do this? Firstly you need great creative design combined with a bit of marketing savvy. Then you need serious printing and manufacturing technology in order to reproduce those creative designs: The iBrolly umbrella factory is far from your average screen-printing shop.

iBrolly is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer), that utilizes several different techniques from heat-transfer printing to plastics injection molding, enabling production of groovy features like custom shaped handles and Pantone colour matched frames. The folks at iBrolly also pay close attention to finishing, and can handle the smallest details such as embroidered tie wraps, stitched perimeter tape, and branded handles. Add a few lines of messaging, perhaps even printed on the interior of the canopy, and you've got a powerful piece of promotional advertising. Vancouver based partner Kim Rosenmayer realizes that:

In today's economy business owners need to spend their marketing dollars wisely, and the right umbrellas can be a great long-term advertising investment. The key is to use innovative design and messaging so that your brand gets noticed, and to maximize your ROI by investing in high quality umbrellas that will last for years.

An order of a few hundred of umbrellas can be less expensive than running a print ad for one day in a newspaper. If you calculate the cost per impression alone, it makes good sense, not to mention the experiential factor of giving customers high quality branded gifts they'll use for years to come.

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