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5 Trending Promotional Umbrella Options in 2021

Customized umbrellas are now a must-have promotional item for most businesses and companies. Acting as multiple walking billboards for your business, companies will use this cost-effective item to send out to clients as gifts or for staff in the office. The options for promotional umbrellas are now so vast and varied, they can communicate more about your brand than just your logo and colors.

Creating a stunning, cost effective promotional umbrella is what we’re best at here at iBrolly. Here are our opinions on the most popular umbrella customization options this year that you can use as inspiration for your next project.

1. Internal Canopy images/maps:

Combining materials and effects to create truly unique design-led umbrellas is a simple way to create dramatic effect. As our panels are printed prior to stitching – we can also print on the interior facing canopy – this is a great unique marketing tactic and will ensure your clients see your brand when using your umbrella – as well as surprising and delighting the user of your branded umbrella. If you are a hotel or physical retail business, why not include a map of the local area with your location highlighted?

2. Engraved promotional umbrella handle ring:

We weren't joking when we said we can personalize your umbrella from tip to handle. For a real luxury, personal brand touch, why not print your logo, strap line, or message on the shaft and handle? Want to make a real impact? We can now also actually mold some styles of rubber handles to any shape you desire as we are an OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

Other ideas for handle/detailed personalization include:

  • Printing on the carry sleeve of a folding umbrella.
  • Including perimeter tape, also called rib tape.
  • Enhancing the umbrella tie wrap with print or contrast color.
  • Add a woven or printed brand label to your umbrella.
  • Take a look at all our customization options here.

3. Metallic printing and special effects:

Umbrella personalization can use a variety of inks and print effects for the reproduction of metallic logos, as well as detailed metallic print on our umbrellas, giving the print a real sense of luxury and iridescence.

We can also match this in with gold material for perimeter tape or inner panels. Foiling is another superb method of decoration, where metallic foils are used instead of print. This is a more expensive process – but the effects are truly luxurious.

4. High Resolution Images Over The Whole Umbrella Canopy:

As we mentioned at the start of the article, promotional umbrellas can serve as a walking billboard for your business - so make the most of the surface area! We print your artwork across the panels prior to construction of the umbrella in order for the print to matched carefully by hand at the seams of the umbrella, to create a continuous, photo, pattern or design across all 8 internal panels of the umbrella.

We are always happy to have a chat and help you figure out a design that best communicates your branding. Get in touch with us today for more information.