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Umbrellas as Corporate giveaways: Which industries do they work best for?

Promotional umbrellas are an effective branding tool for most industries and companies, but as with most marketing tactics, some industries will find them a far more effective tool than others. Here are our recommended industries that we think customised umbrellas would be an ideal giveaway item:

1. Real Estate:

Using branded umbrellas as part of staff uniform or as a client giveaway is a great idea for the real estate and property industry. In a market that is competitive, standing out is essential, and umbrellas make for a great visual promotional aide. Whether you go for a handy mini umbrella, or decide to go for dramatic impact with a golf umbrella - these items are an essential for the property industry.

Promotional umbrellas are desirable giveaways as these are used daily and retained for a long time. Everyone needs umbrellas and on an average a family needs atleast 4 or 5 umbrellas for their home, office , car, garage etc. So, umbrellas will never outlive its popularity as promotional items.

2. Hospitality:

Maybe one less thought of for restaurants and cafes, and seemingly standard for hotels - but promotional umbrellas, if created with a bit of innovation and creativity, are an ideal promotional item for the hospitality industry.

Modern branded umbrellas now go beyond simple logo and colour schemes of your brand. Why not include an internal map with your company location highlighted, or plaster a full size image of your business? The options really are endless, and if done well, the customised umbrella becomes a staple of the industry's marketing strategy.

3. Finance and Insurance:

Make a seemingly 'dry' industry more interesting with a funky, bright, promotional umbrella! The financial or insurance industry is one where a promotional umbrella gives off a visual metaphor of client 'protection'.

4. Education:

When it comes to schools, colleges and universities, custom branded umbrellas can be a great giveaway item or branded merchandise idea. From students walking across campus, to school events outdoors like rugby games and cricket matches, school branded umbrellas will be utilized and appreciated by many.

Here are some ideas for promotional school umbrellas:

  • Teacher or parent volunteer gifts
  • New student enrolment gifts
  • Graduating class mementos
  • Fundraising events for booster club or sports teams
  • Alumni events

It’s also a good idea to stock up your college shop with merchandise like umbrellas. Especially at large colleges with campuses that require lots of walking between classes, most students don’t remember their umbrellas. You’ll notice the first day it rains, you’ll sell out pretty quickly.

5. Sporting events:

Think about the last time you went to a community sports event at your local club. Advertisements were everywhere, and companies sponsor everything from team kits to the programs. But promotional items that are practical and useful, like a branded umbrella, have so much more of an impact than just traditional banner advertisements or flyers. Custom printed umbrellas are a smart way to give punters at sporting events something tangible that they can take home and use again. An added bonus - prospects will thank you when it starts raining during a game.

Custom printed umbrellas can also be a great giveaway item for corporate sporting events like golf tournaments. They’ll impress event attendees by being both an impressive and useful giveaway item, and again, tournament players will love the fact that they can take it home and use it again the next time they hit the green.


These industries are just the tip of the iceberg - no matter your industry, promotional umbrellas can really bring your branding to life. The umbrella you choose will all depend on your audience, industry, and brand. Our team of brand experts can walk through these considerations, and help you choose the perfect style and customization to maximize brand activation.