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25. August. 2021

Umbrellas as Corporate giveaways: Which industries do they work best for?

Promotional umbrellas are an effective branding tool for most industries and companies, but as with most marketing tactics, some industries will find them a far more effective tool than others. Here are our recommended industries that we think customised umbrellas would be an ideal giveaway item: 1. Real Estate: Using branded umbrellas as part of […]

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11. August. 2021

How to target your desired audience and find potential customers with promotional umbrellas.

Promotional umbrellas can for sure provide your business/brand with much recognition, providing advertisement every time they’re used. You can tailor your umbrella to effectively reach out to your desired audience.  1. RESEARCH: Identify your target audience: Firstly it is good to identify your target audience and know the types of customers that you receive. This can allow you to create the perfect umbrella best suited to market to these individuals and is just right for […]

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27. July. 2021

5 Trending Promotional Umbrella Options in 2021

Customized umbrellas are now a must-have promotional item for most businesses and companies. Acting as multiple walking billboards for your business, companies will use this cost-effective item to send out to clients as gifts or for staff in the office. The options for promotional umbrellas are now so vast and varied, they can communicate more […]

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9. July. 2021

Promotional Umbrellas: The Ultimate Brand Exposure For your Business

Promotional products are an essential factor of any marketing strategy to drive traffic to your business, bring new leads and keep your brand in front of your target audience. More than any other form of advertising, everyday items like umbrellas are a proven item in the line of promotional product for every type of business. […]

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11. June. 2021

4 Ways to use promotional umbrellas in Business

Promotional umbrellas are among the most popular giveaways for any business, of varying sizes. This is because, when made well, they are the longest-kept promotional product—an average of 14 months. Each umbrella generates more than 1,300 impressions, making them a great tool for your brand. Here are four ways—besides the obvious day-to-day uses—to use these […]

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14. May. 2021

7 ways to make your promotional umbrella stand out

Promotional umbrellas are a fantastic idea for a promotional product. They last a long time, and offer both form and function in one very nicely branded and wonderfully designed item. But how to make it stand out from the crowd? Here are a few tips on how to get your branded umbrella to make a […]

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23. April. 2021

Why are promotional products vital to any marketing strategy?

When it comes to your marketing strategy, and particularly brand awareness, we know how important promotional products can be. As more and more businesses have moved online, it may seem that the need for promotional products has become less relevant in favour of social media campaigns and other online tactics. However, that means that the […]

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29. March. 2021

Branded Products, Corporate Gifts: Do They Still Have An Impact in 2021?

Branded products used to be the go-to as a brand awareness exercise for all businesses. Wall calendars, desk items and umbrellas would be plastered with a logo and sent out to raise awareness of a brand name and try to drum up new business. In today’s digital world, online marketing tends to be the most […]

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26. June. 2018

Bespoke printing service

We manufacture all our umbrellas to order in Hong Kong – Its a very bespoke service and basically build our umbrellas around your brand. You have choice of canopy colour – we have 150 colours in stock but if the order is 100 units or larger we can pantone match for you. We specialize in […]

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26. February. 2018

iBrolly manufacture all their umbrellas to order

iBrolly manufacture all their umbrellas to order – there are too many options to mention on the Website with an infinite combination of components. Please take a look at our new leather handles – available for our Golf, Walker and Telescopic umbrellas in both black and tan. Also available is PU leather which is a […]

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